The History of Battle

Over 100 Years!

What began over a century ago as a ‘one-off’ celebration to mark a Royal Coronation has since grown to become not only one of the largest floral carnivals in Europe but a piece of Jersey’s history.

How Battle Got it's Name

In those early days the floral floats were mostly horse-drawn and tradition at the time was for flowers and petals to be torn from the float and thrown to a lady in the crowd, in the hope that one would be thrown back!

Not Much Stops Battle

During the Battle’s history there have only been three periods of time when world events forced its cancellation: World War I saw the parade abandoned and it wasn’t reinstated until 1926. Similarly, during the Second World War and the Occupation of the Channel Islands, the Battle of Flowers parade was stopped. Most recently the 2020 global Coronavirus pandemic was the only thing that caused Battle to take an unprecedented year off.

Battle Revival

After the second world war there was then no Battle until the 1950s when a group of local businessmen decided that a revival of the Battle was much needed as a focus for the community, as well as an additional benefit for the Island’s emerging tourism industry.

We Battle On

Battle will now once again, continue on, uninterrupted, dazzling spectators with the marvelous floats and entertainment our local community works so hard on each year. Battle has welcomed over one million spectators over the years.